String Theory Simplified

That’s right, I’m a big nerd. If you ever wondered about indepth physics, well I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video. This was made for a contest Discover magazine hosted that challenged people to explain the theory in 2 minutes. Enjoy

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  1. Brilliant!!!

  2. I acually liked this video alot…it explained so much in the matter of like 3 minutes. I learned more from this 3 minute video then i did in a 2 hour class [college]

  3. Homeopathy makes even more sense to me!

  4. I don’t know whom you are, or why you posted this, but I bow at your feet 🙂 I teach physics and science (plus French…everyone needs to teach one fun class), and my student are grappling with string theory. This is perfect. I have posted the Seed Magazine pull out of it, but they use it now as a dartboard b/c it was nonsensical to them. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • You need to study English..You’ve misused the word whom….

  5. Is there another link to this, one where I can pause the video?

    Thanks for posting this!

    • i think you can, i used spacebar and it worked

  6. This is awesome. I never understood string theory until I watched this. Bravo!

  7. i am working on this theory about the dimensions and infinity and i have arrived at answers to god, life and death too, but i want sum1 brainy enough to understand it and work with me, ,…………..ANYONE?

    • I’ll bite. Please send me an outline or a small excerpt and I will get back to you if it isn’t complete rubbish or regurgitated.

  8. If you just click in the video it will pause it. No ff or rewind though, sorry. And I haven’t found the video posted anywhere else.

  9. the string can be broken down even further, into sting fibers, and even further stil, into string sections. need to keep searching… small enough to break the stands of gravity with pure energy or thought

  10. Thank you for posting- great help! Now what or who decides what vibrational frequency a “string” will manifest?


  11. That was so great!! It was a major help to my essay. Thank!

  12. They say energy can not be destroyed, only transformed into different energy. What about the paranormal? Could it have anything to do with string theory? Souls, spirits, ghosts, etc….how can that be explained.

  13. where can i download it?

  14. where can i download it? with subtitle..

  15. string theory…m-theory….. one must rember that these theories exist only in the minds of those who concoct them…most of the deep end thinkers join each other in thier quest for more knowledge …this nakes thier ideas seem more real …it is good …some times great things come from blank thought….

  16. What is the string made of?
    What makes it vibrate?

  17. How does it relate to black holes?

  18. String Theory is real because it creates the world/universe we live in. The supreme intelligence, that is constantly overlooking everything, creates matter from energy. Energy is created from vibrations from the strings.

    An example. Pluck a guitar string. The string suddenly looks 10 times its actual size. Now pluck it again and this time make it vibrate a million times faster. Put your finger either side of the string and it will feel like solid matter. Make the string any shape, vibrate it and you have table, chairs, planets, etc.

    Add a touch of spirit and a bit of soul and you have real life.

    The power that is called, the source, god, nature, the one, brahman, allah, created you, me, the world, the planets, our universe, using tiny bits of string. What you see around you is simply an illusion.

    I rest my case.

  19. Good points

  20. who’s momey paid you people to set and think up all this – are my tax dollars used – If so stop – all that you do will not pay a bill for me or lower my taxes – You live off the taxpayer dollar and give back this ideal – I have a ideal your a smart boy teach 1-12 kids how to read do something that worth paying you for and can be used today and get off the taxpayers back if it of value put it on the NYstock exc. let people buy stock – No you would be living in a box if that happen . who wants to know 99% of the people don t just you and your pals.

  21. lol.i really feel the same

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